Application requirements and process


Here you will find formalities and requirements for an application to the doctoral program of the DPP-Biotech.

Formal requirement and admission

Admission for a doctorate within the DPP-Biotech requires:

  • A successful graduation in a relevant Master's program or equivalent program in the subject area as defined in § 3 para. 1 no. 1 of the doctoral regulations of the University of Stuttgart.
  • The fulfillment of the requirements of the doctoral regulations of the University of Stuttgart in the current version and the acceptance as a doctoral candidate at the receiving faculty.

In addition, the regulations of the State University Act of Baden-Württemberg apply.

Admission is based on a standardized selection procedure. The following documents should be submitted:

  • General information
    • Curriculum vitae with a description of the educational background
    • University degree with overview of grades
    • other relevant certificates and attestations, awards and prizes
  • personally written text outlining your motivation and study background
  • proof of sufficient German language skills (at least C1, e.g. proven by TDN4 or higher)


  • proof of sufficient English language skills (min. C1, e.g. proven by IELTS 7.0, equivalent to 94 or more points on the Internet-Based TOEFL test (iBT-TOEFL) or higher)

Part of the selection process is a selection interview. This will be conducted with the respective Thesis Committee. If the research topic to which the application relates is carried out with an external cooperation partner, a further selection interview will take place with representatives of the cooperation partner.

Admission is granted after a successful selection interview, if the admission requirements are met and a positive decision is made by the DPP Biotech.


This image shows Antje Lohmüller

Antje Lohmüller

Dr. rer. nat.

Koordinatorin DPP-Biotech

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

This image shows Oliver Seifert

Oliver Seifert

Dr. rer. nat.

Koordinator DPP-Biotech

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

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