Research Program


The topics cover a diverse spectrum from the fields in which research is conducted at the University of Stuttgart: Biomedicine, pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology and medical or biomedical engineering.


Topic A: BIOtherapeutics & Cell Engineering

The focus of Topic A is on the advancement of novel biotherapeutics with enhanced or prolonged mechanisms of action, as well as the development and assessment of innovative therapeutic concepts, such as those for tumor therapy. This involves identifying therapeutic targets and mechanisms of action, as well as carrying out all stages of research, from molecular design to animal model testing. Additionally, cell line development and the optimization of cellular metabolic pathways to improve production are also essential components of this research area.

Topic B: BIOsynthesis & -manufacturing

Topic B focuses on the biotechnological production of basic and fine chemicals, flavor and fragrances, pharmaceutical precursors, proteins and lipids. To this end, new methods of protein engineering, synthetic biology and systems metabolic engineering are applied to individual enzymes, cell-free production systems, pro- and eukaryotic production cells. The research and implementation of these biotechnical processes extends to industrial production scale.

Topic C: BIOdevices & -sensors

Topic C focuses on biomedical and medical engineering issues. The spectrum includes the elucidation of medically relevant metabolic processes and signal transduction networks, their quantification by modeling techniques, bioinformatic sequence-based investigations, and the development of biomedical sensors up to the development and implementation of medical engineering solutions with, for example, minimally invasive technologies.

Topic D: BIOstructures & -materials

Topic D focuses on bio-based and -compatible biomaterials, their structural investigation and interfacial properties, processing options, production and industrial application. The spectrum ranges from virus scaffolds to sound-absorbing or luminescent textile fibers to biopolymers for food packaging.

Topic E: Themenfeld E: BIOsystems & -informatics

The systems biology investigation of mammalian cells, cell assemblies, organs and their interactions is the focus of topic area E. Data-driven models are used to generate a quantitative understanding of systems. Fields of application are e.g. the causal research of different diseases and their medical therapeutic treatment including drug development. This also includes the identification of biomarkers as indicators for the above-mentioned phenotypes.

Topic F: BIOgenetics & -editing

Topic F aims to identify and characterize fundamental mechanisms of gene regulation in health and disease. To this end, methods such as biochemical approaches, epigenomics, CRISPR screening approaches, and genome and epigenome editing are applied.


This image shows Antje Lohmüller

Antje Lohmüller

Dr. rer. nat.

Koordinatorin DPP-Biotech

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

This image shows Oliver Seifert

Oliver Seifert

Dr. rer. nat.

Koordinator DPP-Biotech

[Photo: Universität Stuttgart]

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